New Taipei Bboycity (NuLi Bboyworld Asia) (HK Division) NuLi-HK 2015

Date: 12 September 2015
Time: 1300 - 2100
Venue: Zero Carbon Building
Judege Panel: Taiwan 2 Professional Judges and; Local 3 Professional Judges

Taiwan's branded international street dance battle New Taipei Bboycity (NuLi Bboyworld Asia) was first founded by Bboyworld Asia and HRC Dance Production in 2012, and was fully supported by New Taipei City Government in 2014.

NuLi being the World's FIRST Female's Limited Street Dance Battle in Asia with thousands of Asian, European, American and African dancers joining from 20 countries over the world.

We have the honor for being selected & licensed by the Taiwan NuLi Bboyworld Asia to hold the SECOND New Taipei Bboycity (NuLi Bboyworld Asia) (HK Division) in September-2015.

This program was very successful in the First Year with the joint efforts of the Taiwan NuLi, sponsors, working partners, local dancers and, of course enthusiastic participants.

Event title is renamed as FemaLegend in this year 2015.

  • Shiuan (from Taiwan)
  • Maya (from Taiwan)
  • Kay (from Taiwan & HongKong)
  • Ching (from HongKong)
  • Suki (from HongKong)

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